Designing Your “Work Smarter” Office
Clear the Decks! 8 steps to a functional, success-centered work environment.
checkSometimes It Takes An Expert to Take Out the Trash™: Techniques for Deciding What To Toss and How To Find the Rest!
checkWorkflow Mastery – On top of the Workload, Not Buried By It!
checkTech Savvy Organizing: Finding your “Work Smarter” technology tools.

Creating a Productive Environment in the Digital Age
What do you need to find today?
Good-bye Filing Cabinets -- Hello Productivity! Successful strategies, tools and processes to live (almost!) paperless in an info-crazy world.
checkCloudy – with a chance of finding something!
checkNo rest for the Wiki – Information Management Magic!
check7 strategies to stop looking for and start using your information.
checkAvoiding the Information Highway Steamroller!

Extreme Time Management Makeover: The Get‐It‐All‐Together Seminar for the Incredibly Busy
Not enough hours in the day? With simple techniques you can learn how to manage time and focus on what matters most, and even take back three weeks or more of lost time a year! Here’s how--
The ONE way to get more hours in your day
The four thieves of time and how to stop them
"Capture, schedule, complete, repeat" -- plus an additional 5 best practices to take back your time.
Why you need a “Not-To-Do” list
Prioritizing, Delegating, Multi-tasking (not!!)

Email Overwhelm? Get a Grip!
Curing the love/hate relationship with email.
What does Pavlov know about email that you don’t?
Putting back boundaries between work and life
Email and stress, multitasking, the effects on your brain
When do you say “no more?”
Triage your inbox – more effective ways to process the incoming.
Getting your inbox to zero – regularly!
10 best tips and techniques for most email clients to combat email overload.

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done
Procrastination – our favorite form of self‐sabotage! And an overwhelming obstacle to productivity. So why do we procrastinate? How do we do it? What does it cost us? If your goal is to procrastinate less and get more done, don't put off this seminar!
Understand procrastination patterns and style.
The key triggers, catalysts and root causes of procrastination behavior.
Useful strategies to tackle procrastination habits.